Culture Change Webinar October 6, 2014

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Culture Change Seminar Slides

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Slide 1: Open to all who are interested. If you just want to view the Webinar, go to
www.activesystem.org and click on the webinar icon in the upper left.



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Slide 2: A WebNet gives you the best of both worlds. If you lose your internet connection, you can
still use the Desktop version. If your desktop computer breaks down, you can still use your Web
based version. The WebNet keeps both versions updated automatically. The Web based version is
also available from your Smart Phone. Therefore, you should NEVER go down.


Slide 3

Slide 3: The Essence of Culture Change. The Active System has it TOTALLY Covered. The following
slides show you how to implement all aspects of Culture Change using the Active System. You will not
need any additional staff. In fact, using the Active System for Culture Change will save you time.


Slide 4

Slide 4: Online Select Menus with no additional labor or printing costs.



Slide 5

Slide 5: This is the Online Select Menu. Each Resident/Family gets their own Select Menu Page
customizable to them, and providing a direct line of communication to the kitchen. The menu can
be called up using a laptop, tablet, or smart phone. It is very easy to use. You simply check what
you want and then press submit. Any write ins are tallied and provided to you as a print out when
you print tray cards. The Active System does it all for you. You just print your tray cards as
usual and the selections appear on the cards.



Slide 6

Slide 6: Finally, you can get accurate and precise tallies of all the selections way ahead of time,
for your ordering. Realize that once your residents have selected their menus one time, they don't
have to do it again. The Active System just keeps working for you and your Residents.



Slide 7

Slide 7: This is the tray card printing screen. The select menu section is for the old fashion way
of printing select menus; the labor intensive way. You will be using the tray card printing section.
The system automatically looks for menu selections for each resident and prints them on their
tray card.



Slide 8

Slide 8: This is a Web Tray Card. We added more than the usual number of selections to show you
that the selections do not run into each other. Also notice that you still have the traditional likes
and dislikes and information lines that can be added.



Slide 9

Slide 9: Now, lets look at the Desktop version. This is the traditional opening screen that many
are used to. It communicates directly with the Web based version without any interaction from
you. It is all done automatically.


Slide 10

Slide 10: This is the Working Desktop, or the New Version of the Active System Opening Screen.
Notice that EVERYTHING about the resident is presented to you on one organized Working Desktop.
It's like spreading your papers out on the table and getting to work. You have whatever you need, and
it's all at your finger tips, or in sight, without having to click, click, drop down, click and wait and
click some more.



Slide 11

Slide 11: You can use the Traditional version or the New version. They both work off the same
database. The new version does not require installation. Just copy or download the program file to your
computer and you are good to go. This helps tremendously with Corporate installations. The Active
System can be run from your My Documents folder if necessary. Of course, you can use the Web
based version exclusively if you are not allowed to put the Active System on your Desktop.



Slide 12

Slide 12: This is the easy printing screen for printing the desktop version of your tray cards.
Notice that the Resident's selections are already pulled and printed on the tray card. Also notice
that you have menu selections, checked likes and dislikes, and you will see further instructions
printed on the bottom of tray cards. NOTHING is running into anything else on the tray card.
Active System Tray Cards are precisely formatted to maximize their neatness and organization.



Slide 13

Slide 13: Notice the three sources of information on each tray card. You have menu selections,
checked likes and dislikes, and up to six lines of instruction at the bottom of each meal. Also,
notice that you can mark lines of instruction to be automatically hilited in yellow.



Slide 14

Slide 14: Here is the same tray card with the menu selections.



Slide 15

Slide 15: Now, you can finally offer your residents and families the power to change the
dining location for any meal at any given time.



Slide 16

Slide 16: Before now, dining locations were pretty well set. Changing them was done only occassionally,
because we printed the same dining location on each card and we printed tray cards ahead of time.
Now, you can change the dining location for any meal at any time. If the tray cards have already been
printed, you still get notification through text messaging and on the Kitchen Request board.



Slide 17

Slide 17: The Resident, Family member, or Staff member simply goes to any day of the online
select menu and selects the dining location change from a drop down list. Once selected and
submitted, a text message is sent to you, and the kitchen staff is notified on the Kitchen Request
Board. If the request is made at least a day ahead of time, nothing needs to be done. The change
will appear when that day of the tray cards is printed. If the change is for the current day, the
staff is alerted to make the change on the current set of tray cards that has already been printed.




Slide 18: The "When Ever" portion of Culture Change introduces an exciting new feature of the
Active System; The Kitchen Request Board.



Slide 19

Slide 19: On each day of the Online Select Menu, the Resident/Family Member/Staff has access to
the Kitchen Service Request page. They can quickly and easily request items directly from the
Kitchen Staff.



Slide 20

Slide 20: Write Ins are also available.



Slide 21

Slide 21: Once the Resident/Family member clicks submit, the request shows up on the
Kitchen Request Board in the Kitchen. Additionally, an email, or text message of the request is
sent to your cell phone, and the cell phone of anyone else you choose. The kitchen staff responds
by filling the request and selecting from a list of standard responses that you have complete
control over. It's a simple press of the screen for your kitchen staff and a response is sent.


Slide 22

Slide 22: The kitchen staff can respond with notification to Nursing. This signals nursing that
they need to do something and respond. Yes, nursing can have their own tablet at the nurses
station and they can also communicate directly to the kitchen. Diet Slips can be sent through
the Kitchen Request board. No more running slips to Dietary.

Slide 23

Slide 23: Once the kitchen request is delivered, the check box is pressed and the request is
marked with an OK. The resident gets what they want without feeling like they have been a bother.
The resident feels loved, and the family member feels empowered. The staff sees a streamlined
operation that requires a fraction of the amount of time it used to take to fill a special request.



Slide 24

Slide 24: Love and Empowerment are wonderful things for all parties concerned. This is a
tremendous marketing tool because it Works!



Slide 25

Slide 25: Start your Culture Change Documentation Notebook today, and start getting credit
for all the special things you do for your Residents.



Slide 26

Slide 26: Don't forget about the Webinar on October 6, 2014 and check the Active System
website for future Webinars. www.activesystem.org