William J. Schuman, MS,RD,LD

Active System Programming

The Active System is programmed by William Schuman, MS, RD, LD. He has over twenty five years of experience as a Consultant Dietitian in Nursing Homes and Hospitals.
The latest programming languages and technologies are used to build and maintain the Active System and to accomodate your needs quickly and precisley. The system can and will be customized to meet your exact needs. This is how the Active System has evolved since 1990. We are dedicated to meeting your needs and helping you take care of your residents.

What is Unique about
The Active System ?

You can access the Active System from your Desktop, Laptop, Smart Phone and from the Internet. All access points are interconnected and communicate with each other. Additionally, the Active System
is totally comprehensive from a clinical aspect, as well as from a production aspect. Nutritional Assessments use all the information on the tray card, and the Dietitian has complete and up to date information on what is going on in the kitchen when he or she is assessing a resident.

From a menu management perspective, the Active System is by far the most powerful package in the industry. This is attributed to it's ability to combine diets
on the fly and present customized select menus for any combination of diets. The Dietitian can control and determine how each menu item spreads across any list of diets while the Dietary Manager works within the RD established framework to edit menus and produce their own spread sheets for the review and approval by the Dietitian.

Data input for the Active System is so streamlined, that you will notice a dramatic reduction in the time spent on your documentation in medical charts and on your administrative duties.

The Active System is capable of interfacing with any other MDS or clinical documentation software. Data can be pulled automatically from other systems. Additionally, Active System data can be pasted into other software through easy to use automated clipboard operations that function behind the screen and allow you to control the pasting of a wide variety of Active System data segments into any other software.





































































































































































































































































































Active System Brochure

Picture Card Brochure

Paperless Select Menu Brochure

Culture Change Seminar

Why Choose The Active System

Never Go Down on
The Active System

MDS 3.0 Interface

The Active System has a complete interface with the MDS 3.0 transmission files, as well as with the MDS summary reports from any MDS software package. The Active System pulls from the reports and/or the transmission files and stores the responses in the Active System's MDS database for each resident. This allows for instantaneous review and comparison of past and present MDS data, as well as comparing MDS data to information stored in the Active System. A complete MDS package is under development and will allow for primary, or backup transmission of MDS data to the State.



Food Cost Price Comparison

The Active System has the capability to interface with the order guide from any food vendor. The interfaces for all of the major vendors are already in place. They allow you to instantly pull the prices from your oder guide to the Active System. Then, The Active System keeps track of prices on all your inventory items. This is a valuable tool for comparing prices between vendors, and tracking the price for each item within vendors. PRICE CREEP and VENDOR CHERRY PICKING can be stopped and permanently suppressed.

Signature on File

Are you tired of......
signing everything yourself ?

Sign onto the Active System with your password and see your signature in the upper right hand corner. Then, all your documents and assessments will be signed by you when you print them.

Reduce the tedium.

Save 10% of your time.

Keep your signature file on your computer, only, or keep it on your thumb drive. You are in control, and you are saving time.

Automated Cut and Paste

Click a button and three to five icons appear on your task bar at the bottom of your screen.

What are these ?

They are clipboard snippets that contain segments of information about the resident, menu, or spend down you are currently working with in the Active System.

Now, you go to any other software program and click one of the icons on your task bar and presto! The information about your resident is loaded into the clipboard and is available for pasting into the other software program.

You can use this approach to paste problems, goals and approaches into care plan software. You can use it to paste the text of your assessment into your facility documentation package. You can use it to paste weights, labs, likes, dislikes, meal consumption, diets, diet history, tubefeedings, menus, inventory, cost records, spend downs into any other software.





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Picture Cards

Breakfast Picture Card
Active System Picture Cards are designed to show the Resident's needs in pictures. This gives your staff the emphasis they need to improve tray accuracy, and it provides a foundation for creating a culture change within your facility. The icons show up automatically based on the Resident's diet order, adaptive equipment orders, likes, dislikes and the check marks on their admission screen. The picture of the resident is displayed first (if you choose to have the Resident picture on the tray card). You can also add your own pictures from anywhere on your computer. Pictures of the Resident's family members can serve as an incentive for the Resident to eat more, and can improve their dining experience.

Menu Selections are listed at the bottom of the card. No longer do you have to print select menus, distribute them, help the resident's select them, and then re-collect them. With Active System Picture Cards, you only have to go through the process once, and then quickly enter the Resident selections into the Picture Card program. The selections are saved and used over and over. The only time you will need to do anything else for the select menus, is when a Resident decides to change one or more of their selections. This reduces the processing labor to a bare minimum, while still offering all the benefits of a select menu. Once your Residents have selected the entire cycle of menus, you are done! The Active System does all the work for you from then on, forever and ever!

Note that the bottom of the card is printed with a HIPAA compliant label to allow the tray card to be folded over, leaving only the first name of the resident exposed during transport. The staff can still identify the tray with the first name and the first two characters of the last name. Upon delivery of the tray, the card can then be opened for full inspection of the name, diet order, pictures, likes, dislikes and special instructions.


Notice that the icons on the above tray card are twice the size, and the print size of the likes and dislikes is larger. The size of the images and print changes to maximize the use of space on the card without any text or pictures overlapping. Also, the Thanksgiving picture at the bottom is in normal picture format, rather than a watermark. If there are no special instructions for the bottom of the card, the picture does not have to be a watermark.

All the adjustments are done automatically!

Easy to Use Interface
Picture Card Interface

Input of Menu Selections is Quick and Easy

Menu Selection Input

Over 300 Adaptive Equipment Icons to Choose From
Adaptive Equipment


Any Facility Form Can be Filled Out
By the Active System

This means that the Active System Staff can take any form you have and scan it into the Active System. Then,
a special program will be written to have the form filled out with information ALREADY IN THE ACTIVE SYSTEM.
A sample Resident Preference sheet is show below. Yes, the computer circled those items based on the checked Likes and Dislikes in the Resident's Admission screen.

Resident Preference Sheet

The Active System has also solved the age old problem of computerizing a Quarterly Assessment Sheet that holds three to four seperate Quarterly Assessments on one page. The Active System takes a picture of the Quarterly Assessment form after each assessment, and then uses the picture of the form on the next assessment, so you have a sealed record of the previous assessment column
next to your current Assessment.

Quarterly Assessment

The Most Complete and Comprehensive Nutritional Assessment Available.

The Active System offers the Dietitian AND the Dietary Manager the ability to print the most detailed comprehensive and historical Nutritional Assessments within a fraction of the time it takes to do assessments manually. Basically, the Active System builds on itself. The more you use it, the less time it takes to do assessments. Then, of course, all of your assessments are available to you and the staff in the computer, as
well as the medical chart. If an assessment goes missing, simply re-print.

Nutritional Assessment


Healthcare Software

The Active System is a comprehensive software package that originated in the Dietary Department and has expanded from there over the past twenty years. This software has been fully developed in the field and it has been helping Dietary Managers, Dietitians and Nurses for decades. If you want true computer programming that helps you to do your job better, and faster, then the Active System is for you. You can download a Trial Version and see for your self. Just click the Downloads Menu above.

The Web Network

The Active System is fully Web Based and Desktop Based. It incorporates the first Web Network available to the Healthcare industry. This will allow you to use the Active System from your Desktop, Laptop, iPad, Tablet, Android, Blackberry or iPhone. The Web Network coordinates it all for you. Imagine taking your laptop or tablet to your meetings anywhere in the building, or anywhere in the world and accessing your Active System, and being able to make changes and update your resident information and document notes, and do assessements and submit those changes and have the Active System keep the desktop and the website updated for you with all of your input, immediately. Imagine visiting with residents in their rooms, or in the dining room and inputting likes and dislikes directly into your smart phone and submitting the changes to the website and the Active System updates the desktop for the kitchen staff immediately.

               Mobile WebNet

The Active System follows you everywhere and allows you to make changes from anywhere, using any computer device. Then, if the internet goes down, no problem, your desktop has been maintained with a current database. If your desktop blows up, no problem. Access the Active System from any computer or laptop, or tablet that has access to the internet, and you are still in business with the full power of the Active System.

The Web Network also includes the participants in the Nutrition Truth! network. NutritionTruth.net This web network is dedicated to communicating the Truth! about nutrition, without the hype, or the spin, or the misrepresentations of the facts. If you want the know the unadulterated truth of the matter, this is where you can go.

Complete Clinical Package

If documentation is your concern, we have you completely supported. Assessmnts are comprehensive, historical, facilitated, and they build on each other. In other words, the more you use the Active System, the less time you have to spend on each assessment. Also, the more people that use the Active System, the less time each person spends on his or her assessment. The Active System incorporates any form and automates the filling out of that form. All disciplines are included.

Why Choose The Active System

Active System WebNet