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Software Systems For
Healthcare Professionals

Written, Programmed, Developed, Implemented, Used, Tested, Re-Tested, Re-Designed and Established By

Healthcare Professionals

Active Health Care Professionals Group, LLC

Care Plan Team

Your Health Care Team will be more professional, more productive and less stressed when they have all the information they need at their finger tips. They will be able to make informed decisions immediately, and document all their activities almost automaticaly.

The ACTIVE System is a comprehensive software package that includes everything a Nursing Home needs to take care of their residents. This is a clinical package that offers far more than ANY OTHER clinical package. It includes the following .....

Helping MD

Physician's and Nurse Practitioners will appreciate your ability to provide detailed information and reports at a moments notice. As the system builds on itself, you will find that you can provide more services with less work and stress. You and your facility will be more protected from law suits and citations.

With the ACTIVE system, your staff will get their work done on time, it will be fully documented, and you will be able to audit their work DAILY in order to feel confident that all standards are being met in order to ensure REGULATORY AND LEGAL COMPLIANCE.

Weight Management

The Active System offers a comprehensive and FAIL SAFE way to manage your weights, monitor and document your weights, and to get the documentation into the individual resident's medical charts.

The methods used by the Active System are well designed and EFFECTIVE. The System will make sure NOTHING "Slips Through the Cracks" and that ALL your efforts are documented.

ADDITIONALLY, All efforts can be Emailed at the click of a button and/or monitored remotely.

Meal Consumption and Hydration

The Active System offers You the ABILITY to, ONCE AND FOR ALL, setup a system that ensures that Meal, Snack and Hydration records are completed and Integrated ACCURATELY into ALL your Documentation.

This is Done through very EASY and FAST Input Programs that can be USED by your CNA's or Inputed after the fact on a weekly basis.

Because the Input is SO QUICK, YOUR STAFF WILL USE IT! The Active System will then monitor the information for you and PRESENT IT TO YOU and include it in your documentation wherever appropriate.

NO OTHER SYSTEM offers you more assistance or SAVES YOU MORE TIME.

Make Sure Diets ALWAYS Match

The Active System will make sure Diet Orders Always Match between Dietary and the Medical Chart if Your Dietitian is doing his or her assessments on the Active System and Dietary is using the same system to print tray cards.

Additionally, when you hold meetings on the Active System, you will always know what Dietary is providing each resident at meals and at each nourishment period. Interventions are implemented immediately during the meeting. Just change the tray card or nourishment and it's implemented the next time tray cards or nourishment labels are printed.

Scan YOUR Forms into the Active System

The Active System offers You the option to Scan Your Forms into the system and then use the Automated Form Filler to place resident data from the resident's cardex anywhere on the form.

The "Form Filler Outer" has a wide variety of buttons for the resident's demographic and clinical data. Just click a button and then click where you want it to go on Your form. Once you have the form mapped out, just click a resident on the roster and then click Forms and Presto! It's filled out automatically.

Only your disk space limits the number of forms you can store and fill out for each resident. Each form requires 1-3 megs of space. Many users can use the same scanned form if you are on a network.

Resident Pictures are Easy to Take and Easy to Assign

Resident Pictures are a tremendous Employee Orientation tool for new, or agency, employees. They are also a fabulous memory aid for all emplyees filling out MDS's or writing Care Plans.

Matching Pictures to Residents can be a problem, but the Active System comes with a special program to make it much easier. Within 1-3 hours, you can have all your pictures taken, downloaded and assigned.

Then, you will have resident pictures in an album, on tray cards, on nourishment labels, on visitation rosters, on MDS worksheets, on care plans, on RAPs, on MARs, on order sheets, ..........."

Don't Go Crazy

Don't Let This Happen to You! The Wrong Computer System can actually Double or Triple your work. The ACTIVE SYSTEM, however, will TRULY COMPUTERIZE your operation. It will make the difference between a stressed and overworked staff and a hard working staff that can still care for their families and have a "Life" outside of work.

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Risk Management and Incident Reports
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