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The Active System

Menu Management

Active Healthcare has the most powerful and the most comprehensive Menu Management System on the Market.   It is the only system that has successfully automated the spreading of the regular diet across any number of special diets.   The diet spread is completely installed at startup and customizable as you work.  It is like having a Registered Dietitian looking over your shoulder and telling you what to substitute for each menu item.      New menu items can be easily added, and current menu items can be adjusted and edited with ease.  However, the installed menu item list is a collection of menu items used to produce menus over the past 15 years in hundreds of facilities across the Nation.   The Active System gives you the power and capability to change your menus at any time and quickly re-print spread sheets, week at a glance, display menus, recipes, production sheets and steam table temperature recording sheets.    You can even sign on and have your menus signed by you as they print.   The menu is completely integrated with the rest of the Active System, therefore, a change in the menu is immediately reflected on the spread sheets, display menus, production sheets, shopping lists, steam table temperature records, calorie count sheets, cost reports, nutritional analysis, and all tally sheets.

  With the Active System, you can print at you go, or you can print to a PDF file and have a complete menu set ready to print at any time.   This is ideal for distributing starter menu packages, and it effectively replaces menu sets that have to be sent to a professional print shop and distributed at great expense.  
The small monthly fee for the Active System is less than half of what you would pay for just a pre-printed "Set in Stone/Take It or Leave It/Cannot be Changed" menu package from any other vendor.   However, with the Active System, you get TRUE Menu Management, a complete clinical package, financial package, Web Networking, Pocket PC applications, Medical Records Scanning, Forms Scanning with automated fill, and much much more.   

It ONLY MAKES SENSE to switch to the Active System.

Click Here for a Sample Menu Set

Click Here for the Menu Management Instruction Booklet


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