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The Active System Web Network

Active Health has developed a Web Network that is free for all subscribers
to the Active System.   This will allow you to access your Active System from
ANY Computer connected to the Internet.   There is no setup, installation,
or Firewalls to work around.  You just access the Web Network with your user
name and password.  The Web Network is extremely fast. You can assemble an
entire set of tray cards in 1-2 seconds. Once all of your tray cards are in your
browser window, they will print at lightning speed.

                                                    Click Here for Demo

What is a Web Network ?

A Web Network is a network that is processed through a website in order to allow computers to share data without being connected directly to each other.  All data is automatically encrypted, uploaded and downloaded to a host website (The Active System Website).  The users simply logon to a website and use the program.  The Data is stored on a work computer at your office and on the website (in encrypted format).   If the Internet goes down, you still have your system on your work computer and you just keep on working.  If the internet is up, you can work from anywhere (home, another office, another facility)

How Does a Web Network differ from a Web Based Program ?

A Web Network uses a web based program, but within  that program is an automated engine that is transparently and automatically downloading data changes to a host computer (your computer at work).   In this way, you have the very best of both worlds.  You still have a copy of your data on your work computer in case the internet goes down, or you get infected with a virus or spyware from the internet.   Otherwise, if the internet is up, you have access to your Active System from anywhere.   If your computer at work breaks down, then you can go to any computer connected to the internet and access your Active System from the Website. Then you remain up and running while you get your computer at work repaired.   All updating, uploading and downloading is automatic, so you don't have to do anything.   Your Active System is simply available everywhere at the same time.

Benefits of the Active System Web Network 

  • You Still Own Your Data
  • You are Always Up and Running
  • You can Work from Anywhere
  • No Additional Cost
  • Easy, Fast and Powerful
  • Backup of Data Off Site is Automatic
  • Unlimited Amount of Time to Repair Computers
  • Corporate Monitoring is Built In
  • Data Encryption is Safe and Automatic


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